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Experience, Trust and Quick results

We have years of experience dealing with online financial and cyber fraud. We offer a quick, efficient and simple process. Most cases will get a result in first few weeks.

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No matter how complex your situation is we have a solution for you.

We have experience handeling Online scams, Forex scams, Crypto-Currencies scams, Binary Option scams, Online Dating scams, CFD Trading scams, Credit/Debit Card scams, Banking Fraud and more…

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There are tens of millions of victims every single year throughout the world. We know how to recover your funds and we have helped thousands of scam victims from around the world to recover their funds.

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We know you don’t trust anybody, And we get it.

The service we offer is very sensitive. You were already scammed, maybe even more than once. You are angry and can not trust anyone. We understand your frustration. The claim to give you back your stolen money sounds dubious, something you have probably heard before from the scammers themselves.

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After reviewing your case, we will always match you with the right solution that suits your case the most, to make sure you will have the highest chance of success of a refund.

Four Easy Steps To Success

We Will Help Every Step Of The Way


Reviewing Your Case

Our team of experts will review your case to see if your stolen funds can be recovered from the scammers.


Collecting The Evidence

Cross-reference all the new information with the existing data that we have so that we can maximize all the potential regarding your case.


Confront The Conductors

With our experience in the field, we have noticed that scammers often leave loose ends that help us confront them and make it possible to retrieve your funds.


Get Your Funds Back

Once your money has been successfully recovered, the funds will go directly to your bank account.

Money Recovered In 2021


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Join the thousands of people around the world that used our services and successfully recovered their funds and defeated the scammers.
Scam Expert

“We have a team of professional dispute managers, recovery analysts and payment solution experts who have a unique ability to deal with your financial worries. We are here to provide you with the ultimate solution and help you throughout the process of recovering what you think is lost.”

Kate Schadler

Concultant Expert

We Will Assist You In Any Issue And Conflict

Are you confused by the complex jargon and industry regulations that are constantly changing?

Don’t worry Scam Expert is always at your convenience.

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