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Forex Scams
Claims Range: $5000 – $1M+

Forex fraud is a growing problem. It can be found everywhere from boiler room scam artists, to some guy you met at the coffee shop the other day

Credit Card Scams

Credit card fraud can generally be cleared up in a matter of days by contacting the card issuer. Unauthorized charges can be reversed.

Crypto Scams

Although blockchain tech is a relatively safe technology, cybercriminals manage to find breaches and loopholes to break into the websites and compromise users’ digital wallets and funds.

Binary Options Scams
Claims Range: $5000 – $1M+

Seasoned investors and newcomers alike may fall for the concept of binary options trading. The idea sounds simple: you predict that your chosen stock, foreign exchange, or other investments will make a certain amount of money by a set date.

Payday Loan Scams
Claims Range: $3000 – $30000+

Scammers advise payday loan applicants that they qualify for low-interest loans that they can also get immediately with payment of a processing- or security-related fee.

Coronavirus Scams (COVID-19)
Claims Range: $1000 – $14000~

Scammers are setting up fake coronavirus-related websites that offer everything from cures (both pharmaceutical and natural) to vaccines, testing kits, and items such as the best face mask or hand sanitizer.